15 Pretty fruit nail art design you must try!

Freshness is not only what you love, but also your nails need to taste sweet fruit in hot seasons. Look at these lovely fruit nail art, which one is the appetite for your nails? strawberry nails, peach nails , cherry nails , etc. Which fruit nail is your favorite ?

Fruit is not only delicious
It is also exquisite for girls to make manicure
Essential fashion for human claw
Otherwise, what to say
Girls spend the most money
Because we can always bring good things
Reflect it on yourself ~

Speaking of fruit manicure, how can there be no strawberry family? This manicure is characterized by dark green and bright red, which reduces the sudden feeling by normal green, while sequins with tiny particles in green make the inherent dull feeling of dark color more empty.

The combination of yellow and orange is very suitable for summer. Even if fruit graphics are not painted, it is also marked fruit color. The production of this manicure is very simple, which is based on the mix and match of 2 colors, with lemon and orange fruit decorative pieces.

Among the five nails, take a nail surface and make the cherry figure into a three-dimensional effect. If the materials are complete, you can use a bright red rhinestone to replace the cherry. The little thought of fruit control is at the fingertips.