Nail Designs

2020 some kinds of temperament short square nails

Short square nail is something many girls like to do in their spare time, because a good-looking manicure can not only increase their good mood, but also make their hands white and more temperament. Here are some of the most fashionable and eye-catching manicures in 2020.

Simple ins style

For many girls who like manicure. Manicure is part of life. No matter which aspect of life, it can be matched with manicure.For example, clothing, makeup or the color you like. The color of their favorite flowers is also the choice standard for girls to make nails.

Dark color system

Who says dark colors can only appear in autumn and winter? This kind of deep color square nails doesn’t make people feel heavy. It’s also very suitable for spring and summer. Although it looks a little cold and tall, it’s actually amazing! Whether you are working or student party, you can hold this color. It’s also a non style color when matching clothes.

Light color system

In the new year, to make the most beautiful scenery. Whether it’s Navy or chelizi red, the warm and unrestrained color suits all styles of clothing. Your grace spreads from the inside out to the fingertips. Of course, bright colors are also very nice on weekdays. Many girls like red short nails very much, some simple styles will also have a very noble temperament~

Milk tea color system

Recently, milk tea color is quite popular. For example, there are many milk tea lipsticks that many people like. So in 2020, it is also very attractive to make a hand of milk tea color short square nails. It’s warm and white, which is also the main reason why it is popular. Girls who like gentle style must not miss it!

Rhinestone system

For girls who likes exquisite short nails, the picture below is just welfare. These short square nails have exquisite beauty value and full of fashion sense. There must be many girls who can’t refuse such a shiny manicure. It’s a transparent nude color with all kinds of diamonds and decorations. It’s really a high-level style, which is worth trying.

Warm color

It is said that warm color is the best choice in autumn and winter. But in the warming spring, you can also have warm nails colors. Add some gold foil for decoration, so that your short square nail looks warm and noble. If you choose a color that is easy to fade, then you can add water ripple as decoration. This will immediately make your enhancement look energetic.

Pure color system

Pure color series is also one of the first choice, the colors are Poseidon blue, air brick red and gray blue. Then, a gold border is drawn at the root of the finger as ornament. These three colors are very white, mixed with French gilt, simple but very charming style.