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21 Beautiful Acrylic short almond nails design for short nail shape!

Almond shape is the nail trend for 2021. It’s something between oval and stiletto. This shape is perfect for medium and long nails, in each case it looks cute and attractive. It does not accidentally scratch the skin and it always visually lengthens the fingers, even if the nails are short. 

Short Almond nails are the choice of those who follow trends and want their hands to look gorgeous. All the variety of almond-shaped nail design options is simply impossible to describe. It all depends on your personal preference and imagination. 

Almond nails are a slender version of oval nails. Compared with pointed stiletto nails, it is softer and low-key. The delicate shape is most suitable for ladies who like long nails. Of course, the design of short almond nails is equally good. We have prepared for you the most popular and new almond nail ideas this year. From bright bold color combinations to stylish and simple classic designs, these nail ideas will help you wear them perfectly.

Fruit nails design

No matter what season, fruit nails are never go out of fashion .

Sea shell almond nails design

Sea shell , a pretty one to put on your summer nails , which you can not miss!

Pastel short almond nails

Pastel nails is also a good choice for your almond nail shape design to have a try in Summer and Spring.

Leaf almond nails

If you are surrounded by leafy plants everywhere, why not be creative and apply them on your nails? Slender almond-shaped nails provide plenty of room for creativity. Therefore, the details of the plants can be displayed perfectly, as if they were real.