24 Best short bob haircut ideas you’ll love to try 2021!

Actually, Bob’s haircut is a general term of a kind of hairstyle. How many kinds of Bob hairstyles do you know? Long Bob、Wavy Bob、Blunt Bob? Plus the transformation of different bangs, Bob’s head has too many shapes. If you happen to want to change hairstyle, you might as well try the following Bob hair!

Bob’s hairstyle was still recognized as a “pilgrim hairstyle” by British society in the 1920 s. Up to now, it has become a representative hairstyle for women who are independent and independent.

Many female stars, female artists, female fashion workers and female politicians have advocated this hairstyle. For example, since 1988, the United States has kept her iconic Bob head unchanged for several years Anna Wintour.

Those whose hair length is above the earlobe can be regarded as short Bob, and girls with three-dimensional and delicate facial features can cut this kind of ultra-short Bob, which is especially elegant.

Long face is more suitable for straight ears and short hair. You must have bangs. Long face usually has a long forehead or a long chin. If your forehead is relatively high, you can choose bangs on your eyebrows.

Bangs can choose long eight-character bangs, which can modify cheekbones. You must choose air-sensitive bangs, not too thick.