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34 Best pink nails for short almond nails for Spring & Summer!

Spring is here and Summer is around the corner. My sisters begin to discuss about the trendy nails makeup we should have for spring nails and summer nails. Which nail shapes that are popular and always in trend? Well, we found that short almond nails were definitely worth trying. This shape of nails is one of the most popular types, and it is easy to understand why, because it is elegant, looks delicate, and absolutely stylish. The shape of almond nails is inspired by real almonds, the most worth mentioning is that it can make the fingers look slender and beautiful. And we love pink, so short pink almond nail is our first choice this spring!

Almond nails are a slender version of oval nails. Compared with pointed stiletto nails, it is softer and low-key. The delicate shape is most suitable for ladies who like long nails. Of course, the design of short almond nails is equally good. We have prepared for you the most popular and new almond nail ideas this year. From bright bold color combinations to stylish and simple classic designs, these nail ideas will help you wear them perfectly.

If you must choose the best almond nail design, in my opinion, classic French or nude almond nails can win this game. Because these two styles of almond nails are chosen by most women, you can see this phenomenon on social networking sites. However, the excellent design of almond nails is far more than these two styles.

It can be said that its designs are endless. From gradient color to golden or silver nails and creative marble nails, almost all nail styles can be presented on this nail shape, and the effect is very good. Please keep looking, there is always an almond nail that is your favorite and suitable for you.