38 Trendy short pixie haircut ideas for cool woman 2021

Girls’ super short hair generally refers to the hair style with the length above the ears. Short pixie haircut, The hair style close to the small fresh meat will be a little more beautiful and special than the average short hair and the length, with less feminine taste and some unisex style, very trendy and cool, a very stylish and good-looking hairstyle.

So, what are the pictures of girls with super short hair? If you want to try super short hair, you can use the following pictures as a reference.

The length of the hair is cut to the position above the ears, revealing delicate V-shaped face and facial features. It is matched with a flat bangs. It is handsome and does not lose small fresh meat. A side face is killed, and a little fairy is lost.

It is also a super short hairstyle in the style of a handsome little sister. The full hair makes the head look round and smooth. A thin layer of fringe makes a delicate eye makeup make people shine at the moment, another kind of attractive temperament.

Girls’ super short hair is not only handsome, like this girl’s super short hair is very fresh, artistic, not powdery fragrance thick, simple super short hair is a natural hipster, A smile is already a foul.

The length of the hair was above the ears, and immediately turned back to become a cool and handsome little sister, with the now very popular air bangs, a delicate makeup, big red lips and eye makeup, handsome and sexy style, temperament is very attractive.

The hair length above the ears reveals delicate V face and neck lines, which can easily show outstanding temperament. It is a super refreshing hairstyle with no bangs.