42 Beautiful Pastel Easter makeup look ideas to celebrate your passion!

Easter is around the corner! Are you looking for some makeup ideas for Easter? Well, then you’re at the right place. Easter Makeup looks are listed here. Easter is a great time to indulge in pastel-colored makeups. Pastel makeup is simple yet stylish. I call it the ideal spring makeup. And what I love about Pastel Makeup is that it’s so easy to apply! You can apply Pastel-colored eye shadow and blend it well with any other color and it always looks gorgeous. You can always complete the loop with some Pastel lip balm and since it’s also the time of the festival, a little glitter shall add that festive and warm touch to your look.

To do Easter makeup, you can start with the eyes. I always recommend that you should start with the eyes and then go down to do the makeup of the face. This way, you can blend well with the shades of your Eye Palette and that’ll give a nice and balanced makeup look. 

For Easter eye makeup, pastel-colored eye shadows are just perfect. In fact, Pastel colored eye makeup is also ideal for the Spring season. Pastel colors are earthy and muted tones. They look gorgeous without being gaudy, and since Spring is the season of bloom, it just fits in best with the season. Moreover, what I love about Pastel makeup is that it’s so easy to apply and clean.

This white eyeliner is a makeup minimalist’s dream and also a perfect low-key Easter look. Just draw a small wing on the outer corner of each eye, blend a little blush on your cheeks, then top it all off with a coat of lip gloss.

If a change in seasons is your favorite excuse to experiment with colorful new makeup looks, take this look to the lab. This purple and yellow contrast creates a super cute Easter-egg effect.

Confession: I used to wear blue eyeshadow in middle school, but it never looked this good. This pastel shade is a great Easter color that is both soft and striking at the same time.