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47 Pretty Easter nail designs 2021 with short nail shape!

Do you like nail art? Circles of beautiful designs for nails for Easter? Then you’ve come to the right place, and we found 47 lovely Easter nail designs 2021 with short almond-shaped nails. We have something for everyone, from fashionable cute rabbits to pastels and so on. Any feature nails Paschal looks stylish and exciting on special days.

1.Bunny nails for Easter nails designs 2021

The first on our list of Easter are these nails super cute. Two pins have spots chic, the fingernail has rabbit ears, the other has chicks, and your thumbnail has a design egg. We like these nails because it uses some of the Easter most popular themes in a look. You can make your nails in this way or use one of these styles.

If you want to make a manicure at Easter and celebrate the occasion, but you’re still fashionable, this idea could make the case yours. The nail tips are a soft pink, dark purple, and decorated with nail rabbit. We like the cute rabbits but simple and use of light and dark tones. This bunny nail is a look Easter unique.

2. Short paste nail shape design for Easter nail designs 2021!

Easter is in spring; in this new season, pastel colors are a must. You can apply these beautiful and soft sunglasses to your nails. The idea later is characterized by different pastel shades on each nail. We like to use different shades because it gives an elegant look to the manicure. If you want a slimmer design, you can use color.

Next, we have elegant nail art with nails soft and floral designs. ThisPastel nail is a good idea for spring and Easter. Nails like this will not only be cute on special days but even after. This model is suitable for medium and long nails in any shape.

3. Cute Easter nail designs with short almond-shaped nails!

Our next idea for nails presents a sweet design Easter egg-shaped. The nail tips are painted in a soft light sky blue, with two vibrating eggs as nails accent. We can also see some white points. A manicure like this is perfect for those who want to celebrate the occasion without being overly exaggerated. Eggs can be hand-painted or can be used stickers.

Pretty egg nails for Easter nail design 2021!

Next, we have an idea pretty and interesting for Easter nail designs. The nail tips are painted in two colors, each with a design Easter White, including the Easter eggs and a rabbit. This is colorful and beautiful, suitable for all. Plays the overall appearance or only one of the designs of nails. You can check the below products used for the manicure page.

Flower nails for Easter nail designs 2021!

Spring is the season of beautiful flowers. The next idea combines spring flowers and Easter. A nail has a rabbit super cute, and a nail has a soft floral design. Other gradient nails have a gorgeous appearance. You can use regular nails with flowers and rabbits or try the nuances. It is effortless to create gradients with sponges. Take a look below.

Just because it is spring and Easter doesn’t mean that you can only use bright colors and muted tones. Nails have a palette of light, white, and gold. These are perfect for the Easter holidays. You can recreate the entire look or try one or two Easter nail designs.