50 best short pixie haircut ideas for stylish woman 2020

Nowadays, girls are not only pursuing beauty and loveliness, but also striving to be cool. Have you ever tried short pixie haircut? Some people say that every girl has to try it once in her life. Short pixie haircut is fashionable and clean. It’s a hair style that girls who like simple style can’t miss.

Short pixie haircut can show you the freshest breath without adding decoration. It can be elegant and cool. Here we have prepared a variety of short hair styles for your reference. Below we will introduce you from the style, color and care of hair styles. No matter what kind of face you are, there will always be a suitable short hair for you!

Messy short pixie is a cool hairstyle

Messy short is a typical hairstyle in ultra short hair. If you want to have a cool, sexy and elegant hairstyle in summer, you can think about messy short hair and be a girl with personality! Also you can try perms and textures.

Try super short hair may be an extremely beautiful experience

A short hair for girls is an attempt to challenge the peak of beauty, and every girl has the potential to control short hair. If you are a workplace woman, with short hair, delicate makeup and a professional dress gives you a bright feeling, low-key and generous. This makes your customers believe that you are a highly professional partner, and the effect of deducing extreme beauty from super short hair is a ladder for others to recognize and trust.

In daily life, super short hair is also a symbol of leisure and decent. The spring and summer magazine style with super short hair that attracts countless people makes you have a unique charm.

Short hair is a nice choice for thick hair

The first element of short hair is fluffy. The fluffy upper part can modify the shape of the lower half of the face, which is also a sharp tool to highlight the five features. For example, the length of the hair to the ears, cut out a certain level, you can have edges and corners of the facial features more three-dimensional.

The color of short pixie hair is not just black or brunette

Black and brunette are the classic style of short hair, but because it belongs to the style of self-contained high-end fashion magazines, some slightly out of the color is also very suitable for short hair, bright hair color adds some playfulness and pretty.

Why does short hair fit round face girls

Face shape naturally thin girl cut short hair so good-looking, many round face girls flinch, but in fact round face girls can also have charming short hair.

Round face girls can choose bangs for a little shelter. Bangs will definitely be the finishing touch for round face girls to cut short hair. Round face cute and short hair charming sexy combination, always let people remember you at a glance. Similarly, the bangs can be lifted to form a natural and messy beauty.

Super short hair daily quick care

If you have hard hair, you can puff it up after washing your hair. Use a curling stick to curl up the hair on the top of your head. The hair on both sides and the back side is divided into three sections, with small and natural curls, so as not to make the hair too puffy.

Soft hair can be curled up with a curling stick in a slightly larger volume, which will make the hair more fluffy, and then the hair wax can be applied on the hair at will to make it set. Hair with texture can use hair mask to care for texture, making it more durable and natural.

New hairstyles every day

Short hair is not single. It can be simple and fashionable, but also diverse. When you want to have a more attractive hairstyle on a date, party or event, you can comb your ponytail, try to weave your hair, etc.