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50 hottest natural and lovely short square nails for spring nails 2020

The cutest type of manicure is the short square nail.It has lovely, pure and fresh shape and beautiful decorative pattern design.In spring, cute,natural and lovey short square nail is becoming more and more popular with girls, also be a kind of nail that spring girl is indispensable.

Different colors represent different personalities of different people. Below, we will introduce the cute and charming short square nails according to the classification of colors. Let’s see which color is closer to your personality.

Cute and romantic pink short square nails

Pink is usually associated with a woman’s temperament, generally people to represent women’s implicit, innocent and naive acceptance. Although a 1918 edition of the women’s family weekly expressed a different view, it argued that pink was “more determined and stronger”. Whether it is cute or determined, we can find it in the figure of contemporary women.

The person that likes pink, deportment is elegant, pay attention to etiquette, hope to keep youth beauty forever. If your are, try these short square pink nails.

Light yellow short square nails

Yellow is the warmest color among many colors, it usually gives people light, brilliant, full of color impression. Yellow is also one of the four psychological primary colors and one of the three subtractive primary colors.

Among the personality colors, yellow represents a push, a goal, and a controlled personality. If your alertness is sharp, then short square yellow nails are for you.

Clean white short square nails

White is a color that contains all the colors in the spectrum and is generally considered “colorless”. White in the application of manicure then usually can appear very pure and fresh, quietly elegant. We also often add patterns to our bright, clean, white, short, square nails to make your nails more playful.

White represents a kind of just, pure, dignified and upright character. Is this what your personality represents?

Mysterious and elegant short square black nails

Black has a long history and profound connotation, it represents a kind of power, mystery.

Most people who like black are smart and capable, they generally have the power to move people and can handle various situations well. They want others to feel rational and intelligent in the dark. If you are a steady, capable girl, then you can’t miss this short black square nail.

Short square green nails of natural youth

Green is a natural color, such as the color of new grass. Green gives a person halcyon, peaceful feeling. In the same way, green is the color of peace, friendliness, good listener, and don’t want conflict. Start your environmental life by changing the color of your nails.

Blue short square nails of somber ease

Blue is the symbol of eternity, the symbol of the sea. The blue represents calmness and femininity. People who like blue are calm, honest, value interpersonal relationships, and polite when interacting with others. Have short square blue nails to represent your never-say-die spirit.

Happy hot red short square nails

Red is the pronoun of rich emotion, freedom and freedom. It also represents optimism and enthusiasm, with mood swings; The person that is sincere initiative, be good at expression do not hesitate again, come to have the red short square nail that represents you quickly!

Elegant deep purple short square nails

Purple, the color of nobility, with a hint of melancholy and charm. It is a color one cannot bear to forget, representing prestige, depth and loneliness.

Purple is a secondary color, composed of warm red and cool blue. Like purple you may be a person who is cold on the outside and hot on the inside. Whether in the belief, emotional or spiritual aspects, are trying to pursue the ideal of their own. For perfection and abundance you must try short square purple nails.

Steady soft grey short square nails

Gray is often associated with IQ and brainpower, and although it looks a little dull and monotonous, gray and other colors together have a unique flavor.

The use of grey and soft pink can produce a female unique hazy beauty, it is different from the mystery of black, grey more added a kind of introversion.

Grey is by no means discouraged, pessimistic disappointment, it has potential power. Gray represents calm and magnanimous. If you like the hazy look, try short, square, gray nails.

All pictures source: instgram @nailsrnd