A few tips to get you the perfect blue eyeshadow makeup

The hardest part of making up for a new makeup artist is the eyebrows and eyes. Thrushes can use tools, but not eyeshadow makeup. If make up novice wants the natural and good-looking that eye makeup draws, need to undertake to the eye makeup has certain understanding. The choice and combination of eye shadow determines the style of your eye makeup.

As for the eye shadow pattern and color, we will introduce blue eyeshadow as examples.

Choose a style you want

We all have a style in mind when we wear makeup. Once you know what style you want, you’ve completed the first step. If your decision today is to go for a bright look, you can opt for a bold eyeshadow palette in any color you choose. Because it’s not surprising that your makeup style should be paired with eye makeup. If your makeup is sweet and you choose such a bold and bright color, your makeup will look terrible, like you are wearing clown makeup.

Choose the right eye shadow dish

A practical eye shadow dish should have four basic colors.

Bright eye color is commonly used in the eye socket, is the most used color. The integral effect of eye shadow depends on the bright look that you choose is enough “bright eye”. Deep color and bright eye color is a color department, commonly used in the eye tail, can produce profound effect.

In general, I recommend beginners to choose earth color, this color is very versatile, and very close to skin color. For example, the color of pumpkin, reddish-brown, are not the color of skin. If still cannot use eye shadow to brush very much, can dip in with finger abdomen gently a bit, wipe push aside in eye socket, natural good-looking

Choose eye shadow based on the shape of your eyes

Choose eye shadow according to his eye model is the girl that is aimed at single eyelid actually mostly. This kind of eye should avoid choosing the eye shadow that bead light fastens, warm color fastens as far as possible. That will make your eyes look puffy. You can choose matte eye shadow to make your eyes look more natural.

Choose powder eye shadow as much as possible

Novice when choosing eye shadow must not because which eye shadow product is very popular follow suit to buy. Eye shadow creams have been particularly popular for some time. It is said that it is not easy to take off makeup and does not fly powder, but the premise is that you can apply it evenly. This is not an easy thing for a new makeup artist. You just need to be good to use powdery eye shadow with brush to go, it is very convenient and simple, and easy to operate.

Novice choice eye shadow is unfavorable too much

Novice must pay attention when choosing eye makeup eye shadow. You can use just one color, and don’t overdo it

People who wear a lot of makeup should have at most three or four layers of eye shadow. If you don’t have the ability to add eye shadow to make it look good, you don’t need to overdo it. Just use one eye shadow color on your eyelids to make your eyes look good.

Still have a lot of novice because cannot draw eye makeup and choose not to draw, you can try to go to draw eye makeup actually, perhaps your makeup look will be more natural and beautiful.