Nail Designs

A few yellow nails that give you different beauty in spring

Spring is a gentle season. So a bright and colorful manicure is perfect. Personally. I like yellow nails very much. So I collected some to share with you.

Yellow takes a kind of brighter color as. If do not want to do the manicure of pure color , the color that the design that makes should match is similar. It also basically bright color fastness or won’t abrupt color.

This yellow nails is really super cute. With mango colored nails and a matte texture that makes it more comfortable to look at.

Choose three nails in a clear and mango yellow color. And the remaining two nails in an egg white base with cute little patterns. A warm yellow cat is a pattern that many girls will like .If it’s too complicated, simple geometry is fine.

This yellow nails collocation is the design that cannot make a mistake basically. Basically see you can accept such bright-colored color. This style of manicure is for women who are interested.

This yellow series is also a frosted finish. And can be paired with white or reddish-brown or other colors. The nail of solid color part affix small metallic sheet, whole simple sense promoted many.

Choose a nail to use simple line to cross collocation, the manicure of a magazine style comes out. The element of yellow of this fingernail is not very much actually, suit to who wants to try yellow department more.

This yellow department nail is smooth the smooth treatment money of simple sense. The girl that does not like the manicure design of ground sand simple sense can try this. The pink blue that mango yellow and partial nude color fasten is tie-in, it can compare composed.

The small design on simple and lovely picture with yellow mountain above, perhaps use simple line collocation. It is the manicure design of a day type magazine wind, look very lovely.

Yellow part does not do more decorate, look more concise and clean. But had powdery blue collocation, it won’t make fingernail whole looks very drab again. You can try it.

This yellow nails is mango yellow paired with other light colors, and the proportion of yellow is not very large. With the combination of pink blue and egg white, it is a popular manicure in the style of ins.

Yellow part makes simple adornment only. Perhaps do not decorate directly also can. Powder-blue and egg white part. Tie-in simple geometry, color looks won’t very messy, whole appears lively and playful.

This yellow nail is a small and fresh style. Egg white part decorates a few small drill kind to act the role ofing. Other two color part cannot do any adornment. Or be fond of according to oneself. Add a few different small adornment. It also can have different style.

This kind of yellow nails also suits the girl that wants to try yellow department quite, because the proportion that yellow holds won’t be very big also, it is the effect that adorns only.

The yellow nails recommended to you today are all very fresh and bright. Mango yellow is very popular this spring. Girls with strong fashion sense can try this style. Which one do you like best?