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Appreciation of Kazakhstan’s beautiful scenery

The sudden Novel COVID -19 epidemic this year disrupted many people’s travel plans. During the period of staying at home, we also unlocked many new life skills. But if you stay at home for a long time, you will feel bored. Today, I will share some beautiful pictures of Kazakhstan with you to relax your mood.


Caspian Sea

As we all know, Kazakhstan is an inland country with no sea in its territory. Although the Caspian Sea is a lake, it does not affect Kazak’s love for it at all. On every holiday, many people will come to Aketao, a seaside city by the sea.
        Summer is the best time to travel and take a vacation here. Tourists can swim, fish, and pick up shells here. They can also set up tents at the seaside to stay for a few days and enjoy leisure time. In winter, there will be a large number of a mute swan flying from the North to this place to celebrate the winter, which is, even more, a beautiful scenery line.



Kaindy Lake

Kaindy lake has long been known as “forest in the water”. Because of the dried cedar trees in the snow ridge in the lake, it forms a spectacular forest, which looks like a mysterious sunken ship mast from a distance. There are hundreds of years of spruce on the water, which is very beautiful.



Blaby (Боровое) National Park

The park is called “the little Switzerland of Kazakhstan” by our countrymen, which shows how beautiful its scenery is. Blaby Lake is the core of the park, passing through Blaby town from the southeast corner of the lake to the picturesque Blue Bay. Renting a boat here is enough to feel the lake and mountain scenery and magnificent scene here.