Belarus, the beautiful scenery I have to share

The beautiful scenery of Belarus

When it comes to the beautiful scenery of Europe, people first think of churches and castles, which are the same in Belarus. The editor wants to start from the castle, and let everyone follow the camera of the editor to experience the city appearance with European characteristics, the infinitely beautiful natural scenery, the indispensable ballet in the life of the White Russians, concerts, circus and local leisure ways with the characteristics of White Russia, as well as the grand occasion of the Slavic Art Festival, Jazz Music Festival and the 750th anniversary of the establishment of mojilev, try to make friends have a 360-degree and all-round understanding of the beautiful scenery of Russia without dead corners. OK, don’t say much, let’s start right now.

The Castle of Belarus

One of the must-see things in Belarus is Mill Castle. Mill Castle is located in Mill village on the outskirts of Minsk, the capital of Belarus, so why is there a castle here? It turned out that at the end of the 14th century, there was a situation of conflicts among the heroes on the land of Belarus.

At that time, the Crusades advanced to the territory of Lithuania, and the Crusades attacked the village of Mill, turning this place into ruins. Later, in order to avoid being attacked again, the Great Duke of Lithuania, who took over here, started construction of the castle at the end of the 15th century and completed it at the beginning of the 16th century (equivalent to the middle and late Ming Dynasty). At that time, the castle was Gothic. About 1568, the castle was taken over by the laziweiu family and was transformed into a Renaissance architecture.

The castle was abandoned and severely damaged during Napoleon’s time. The castle was repaired at the end of the 19th century. During the Second World War, the castle was occupied by Nazi and as a settlement of Jews. It suffered great damage. The castle we see now, the part above the second floor was rebuilt with masonry rubble bombed by the war. In December 2000, Mill Castle was included in the UNESCO World Cultural Heritage list.

The front door of mill Castle

Mill Castle overlook across the lake

Mill Castle inner yard

Banquet hall of mill Castle

Among them, the big column beside the door was the heating facilities at that time, and the algae roof of the banquet hall also had its own characteristics, which looked magnificent and magnificent.

  This is the armour of the cold weapon era from 16th to 17th century displayed in Mill Castle. Have you noticed the feather behind the armour? It can make strange sounds, making the enemy’s war horses frightened and losing their fighting capacity. But what I can’t figure out is that if the enemy did the same thing, wouldn’t both sides of the enemy and me be astonished at the same time? No one gave me the answer ~

Not far from Mill castle, there is a castle which is also listed as a world heritage list-niesvej Castle. The castle, built in 1583, is rectangular and located on the right bank of the Wusha River. It was once considered as one of the most perfect castles in Europe. Niesvej Castle has been severely damaged in the war for many times in history, and has also been repaired and rebuilt for many times. Finally, it has the appearance of this kind of palace Castle. During the Second World War, this place was once occupied by Nazi and became the wartime command post. Unfortunately, Nazi didn’t destroy it. Instead, it was a big fire in 2000 that almost burned it completely, it was not until 2004 that the castle was repaired again, and now it welcomes tourists from all sides with a brand new look.

A glimpse of the corner of the castle

  A glimpse of the other corner of the castle. As I said, the castle is rectangular.

The small ballroom in the Castle

  It was said that the wall was not burned down at that time and was preserved.

Castle Banquet Hall

The right door is the place where the housekeeper passes the dishes, and there is an elevator outside which goes straight to the kitchen.

Castle inner yard


Niesvej Castle

  Neisvich Castle is actually a scenic spot with a large area. On the other side of the lake inside the scenic spot, the editor also noticed that a castle-like building was very beautiful against the shadow of the lake, I just can’t name it. Let’s share it first.


The editor has been to several big and small cities in Belarus, and the styles are almost the same. The capital Minsk is also the one who has the most imperial temperament. The main landscapes of Minsk are mainly shared below:

Tears lake and surrounding landscape

  Minsk city center — tears lake and surrounding landscape. The church with white walls and green roofs on the right is the famous Orthodox Church-white church. The circular building in the middle is the National Grand Theater, and the high-grade residential area in Minsk is built around the lake.

This is the architectural landscape by the lake with tears in Minsk. Under the blue sky and white clouds, it is harmonious, peaceful and beautiful.

Minsk tears Lake night view

Night view of main road to Minsk City

Night view of presidential palace

Main Street night view

Night view of Victory Square

In the middle is the monument of the heroes of the great patriotic empire, and below is the eternal flame of peace. The flame can’t be seen clearly, can it? It doesn’t matter, come and Zhang Jinjing.


National Library
The magnificent and quiet National Library, unfortunately, most of them are Russian books, can’t understand!

  This is a statue in the National Library in memory of the first founder of engraving printing in Russia.

Minsk railway station Outdoor
Send international trains directly to major European cities. White Russians go to Europe on vacation, which is easier and better than us to go abroad.

Central botanical garden
The Central Botanical Garden of Minsk, located in the center of Minsk, seemed so quiet and mysterious in the early autumn afternoon. She was quietly looking forward to the visit of lovers, artists and photographers chasing beauty.

  The botanical garden is sparsely populated, wandering in it, feeling the essence of Minsk and the beauty of nature, which is a rare enjoyment of life. While the editor was sighing with emotion, a mother and a daughter strolled Cong Linzhong the depths, as if they were explaining my feelings.

  Have you noticed what the tree looks like? Don’t believe it, it is really Ganoderma lucidum, the essence of the tree and the extremely fragrant. Can you imagine seeing them in domestic parks? However, it is very common here ~

Minsk zoo
The zoo is located in the southeast of the city. I thought it was very common, but I really saw some species that I had never seen before, such as this pair of debating things, black body, explosive head, the quarrel made me panic.

  This instant view made the editor suddenly feel the feelings of his master Sakyamuni Buddha who cut meat and fed the eagle in those years. What do you think? Or I think too much ~

  This is a small city of White Russia-The municipal government office building and square in huqin city, which has the characteristics of White Russia. Except Minsk, the municipal government office buildings in other cities are the same.

The natural scenery of Belarus

In fact, the natural scenery of Belarus has left me a deep impression since I set foot on this land. Starting from Beijing in winter and approaching Belarus, the editor saw the wild snow land through the porthole of the plane, and suddenly he had an inexplicable impulse to know a real Belarus immediately, because it was vast and mysterious, because it looks like a kind of unspeakable beauty.

After the plane landed, it just happened to catch up with the snow and the sunny sky. The blue sky made people intoxicated and the surroundings were quiet and serene. The editor suddenly sighed with emotion that we were developing too fast, they accidentally lost the beautiful scenery of their childhood, but they still kept it.

Taking a walk after dinner is also something that makes the editor extremely enjoyable, because the beautiful scenery that suddenly comes into sight along the way makes people excited.

  The flower wall along the road is pleasing to the eye.

    These flowers and plants that make the editor unable to name are in full bloom.

The rainbow appeared after the rain hung in the sky not far away, showing fantastic effects.

  It was sunny after rain, and the setting sun was falling on the beautiful pine trunk, showing the fantastic effect of pure gold, like pure gold pillars inserted on the earth one by one.
Of course, the most beautiful time for the White Russia that the editor can catch up with is from Middle May to June. Rape flowers are blooming everywhere. The fragrance is fragrant, the beautiful scenery is shocking, and the photo-taking effect is excellent.


  The sea of rape flowers can be seen everywhere along the road, which is so beautiful and suffocating.

Take a look-up photo, the effect is also very good.

The few windmills preserved from the 18th century basically lost their use function and added the landscape function.

  The beautiful scenery of the lake in Narachi makes people who visit here feel like heaven.

  The swan swam in the Lake Narachi noble and elegant, sharing this beauty with people.

The boulevard beside the lake is also a disaster area with beautiful scenery.

  Beautiful scenery can be seen everywhere, whether you have a pair of eyes that discover beauty or not.


I think there must be something more mysterious waiting for me to discover in the distance.

The Cabin in the forest is a beautiful fairy tale in my heart.

Do you still remember the dniebo River, the most important river in Belarus, which is set off by the Orthodox Church and seems to have a long history and mystery.

National Grand Theatre of Belarus

Please follow the camera of the editor to see one of the three grand theaters of the former Soviet Union-The National Grand Theater of Belarus. The theater ballet has more than 20 ballet stars and nearly 100 ballet dancers, and there is no lack of people’s actors, meritorious actors and the winners of the National Ballet Competition. The overall level of the ballet is extremely high, and the group dancers have beautiful eyebrows, the body is slender, the movement is vigorous, young and vigorous, and the main actors are in the heyday of about 30 years old. They not only have both limbs (body skills) and Arts (artistic accomplishment), but also dance (dancing feeling), the drama (drama performance) is excellent. Their performance is beautiful, light and vigorous, full of vitality. The smooth dancing posture follows the classical traditional melody and fully shows the charm of ballet art. It is a genuine Russian genre style. Now this school has been passed down for a hundred years, and it is even the highest point of proficiency.

Grand Theater exterior
It was founded in 1939. It is said that due to the financial problem, the current buildings are not completely constructed according to the design scheme, but are simplified.

Classic play Swan Lake


  Swan Lake is a classic drama in the theater. This actress is a meritorious ballet performer, and the silly buddy behind her is the Prince.


  This is another classic play Cinderella, and this female ballet dancer is also a meritorious actor. The Prince is still the same silly buddy, haha ~

  “The Nutcracker”, Tchaikovsky wrote many classic tracks in this fairy tale, familiar with it, leave a good name forever, salute to this great musical master in the 19th century!

The Tchaikovsky concert held in the theater was also great. The one holding flowers in the middle is the conductor, and the body language is very humorous.

Belarusian circus

In addition to ballet, Belarusian circus is also very famous, and some classic programs are enduring.

Circus outdoor scene


Belarusian Jazz Festival

Since the end of June every year, Belarus has entered a pleasant summer, and people need to gather together to play boldly. This is the birth of jazz festival.

  At the scene of the music festival, beside the white church, there were a sea of people, listening and looking for their own happiness.

During his stay in Belarus, the editor had the honor to watch the World Challenger Cup rhythmic gymnastics final held in Minsk. During the game watching, the editor unexpectedly sneaked into the press Post, shot some wonderful moments of the game at close range, and experienced a rush to be a sports photographer. He was very excited and shared it with me.

Slavic Art Festival

On July 13, 2017, the 26th “slavbazaar” International Art Festival opened in vidibusk, Belarus, attracting people from all over the world to attend. The editor just caught up, so he had the opportunity to deeply understand the sincerity, kindness and hospitality of Belarusian. Actors from Belarus, Russia, Moldova, Kazakhstan, Georgia and other countries showed the unique charm of Slavic folk songs and dances to the audience, and singers and dancers from Britain, Spain and Egypt also performed.