Bob hair is refreshing even in the rainy season

The following is an introduction to everyone in the plum rain season, a very lovely hair style. These hairstyles have a fluffy, soft texture. In dazzling day also left a person relaxed impression, the following a few hair styles are recommended to you.

Soft round Bob hair

Bob hair has soft bangs and it is longer than the eyebrows, which is not only cute, but also handsome. Even in the rainy season, your hair can be dry. Please be sure to try this fashionable and lovely hairstyle.

This hair style has light texture, it is a very natural hair style. It’s not too cute like the fluffiness of a perm. Even mature women can handle it easily. The side of the hair on the inside of the ear, it can give a person a kind of refreshing feeling.

Lovely bob hair

Introduce below the hairstyle that can highlight mature temperament. You can leave your bangs long and separate them from the center for a natural, mature look. And the black hair doesn’t feel heavy, it’s a very soft style.

This style is for girls who want to be cute, but not too childish. The overall volume of this style is slightly heavier, so if you want to show off the feeling of movement, you can add a little lighter color. This can give a person a kind of light feeling.

Short casual bob hair

A sharp silhouette is essential for a perfect short cut. Short hair can be both handsome and stylish. Trim the end of the hair to just the neck, so it can highlight the beautiful white curve of the neck.

The lightsome bang of inclined part added intellectual temperament, the modelling of straight hair lets hair become very have simple sense, if dye again the reddish brown of bright eye, that appears more fashionable.

Here is a bob haircuts with slight waves. The cool air of plum rain season, soft wave type perm is very lovely. Overall it is natural atmosphere, bang adds transparent feeling to also showed transparent feeling. In fact, the diamond contour also has a thin face effect.

Natural fresh bob hair

In addition to the above normal short hair, this is a loose natural comb hair radian. Its elegant hair silk brings the embellish that shows small to face model, the lightsome radian of natural comb hair and hair end, reveal your pure glamour very much.

Simple bingle hairstyle is having the pure and fresh breath of that one most instead, no matter be tie-in black or other color. This short hair brought the pure and fresh and sweet feeling that is full of for the schoolgirl, sweet smile more show the breath of first love of a few minutes.

No matter in rainy or sunny days, choose a hair style you like, your mood will become very beautiful. As a girl with her own unique personality, the first step to show your personality is to have a hair style suitable for you.