• Alluring Curtain bangs Long hair for all types hairstyle
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    22 Alluring Curtain bangs Long hair for all types hairstyle

    What are curtain bangs? “Curtain bangs” are bangs that cover both sides of the face. These kinds of bangs are cut short on the inside and gradually become longer on the outside. Usually, curtain tassels are separated in the middle. There are kinds of curtain bangs hair for straight hair, wavy hair, and curly hair for you. Related: Curtain Bangs Hairstyle: 40 Pretty Hair Ideas For Girls Related: 25 Best Curtain bangs short hair with layers for modern women Should you keep bangs? It depends on your face shape and your goals. The curtain bangs perfectly cover the prominent forehead, which is perfect for showing beautiful cheekbones. If trimmed properly,…

  • Top Short Hairstyles For Pixie Bob Haircut Ideas
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    Top 27 Short Hairstyles For Pixie Bob Haircut Ideas

    When people see a woman with a pixie bob haircut, some of them think: "Wow, she is so brave to cut such short hair. She must have experienced something." Yes, there is a stereotype that women are very women. It's hard to say goodbye to their long hair, so they only cut it off when life disappoints them. Of course, this is a common reason for taking short haircuts, but wait! How about adding something new to your style? How often have you seen a girl cut a fabulous pixie cut and want some last change? Now we want you to read it carefully: always let yourself try. Don't wait…

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    74 Stylish long layered hairstyle for every texured hair

    The long layered hairstyle is very suitable for those who want to change from short hair to long or in between. Long hair is beautiful. But sometimes its styling can be tedious, significantly growing your hair. Or, if you have long hair for a long time and need to change it, long layered hair would be an exciting choice. If your hair is heavy and soft, a layered hairstyle will increase the volume of the hair and reduce some weight.

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    36 Inspiring Blonde Balayage Hair Color Ideas for Autumn hair dye 2021

    Blonde balayage hair color is the depth and dimension you have been looking for in your Autumn hair dye ideas for 2021. No matter what color you mix it with, the result will be unique and unforgettable. The truth is that once you choose this technique, it is almost impossible for you to look like someone else. All the colors are specifically chosen to cater to you, not others. But the ideas we have gathered here may point you in the right direction. Let's take a closer look, shall we?

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    The pixie haircuts are a timeless classic style loved by women of all ages. Pixie haircuts are easy to take care of and very stylish. They are very suitable for women who want to highlight their hairstyles in a short time. Pixie hairstyles can also be varied, cute or delicate, feminine or neutral, and suitable for all face shapes. Read on to find the best short pixie hairstyle inspiration for your following dramatic hairstyle change.

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    53 Stylish Homecoming Hairstyles For long hair and medium hair 2021

    Homecoming hairstyle is a perfect example of elegance and glamour, and your hair can have it once. Whether it's your wedding, birthday, or dance party, one of the main things in common for all occasions is that women want to rock with their perfect appearance. And there are many homecoming hairstyle design for long hair and medium hair you can choose from: updos, half up half down, side braids.