• Cool Ways to Rock Chrome Nails design in 2022
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    21 Cool Ways to Rock Chrome Nails design in 2022

    Like to have fashionable nails, but need some new ideas? We found the 21 most excellent ways to rock chrome nails design. Chrome manicure is a gorgeous manicure trend. Thanks to celebrities such as Rihanna and Kylie Jenner, Chrome manicure has been the focus of fashion for some time. Chrome nails will not be widespread in the short term, so why not try it?

  • Classy Glitter New Years Eve nails ideas 2022
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    40+ Classy Glitter New Year’s Eve nails ideas 2022

    New Year's Eve is finally here, and with it comes shiny eye shadows, shiny costumes, and shiny nails. I like to dress up (I spent a few weeks planning my New Year's Eve makeup and New Year's Eve hairstyle), but in my opinion, it looks incomplete without the proper manicure, and there are too many New Year's Eve Nail art designs available. Because even though I like all the holiday manicures before December 26th (look at you, Christmas manicure ideas), I still hate red and green.

  • Simple Gel Winter nail 2021 trends with almond-shaped nails
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    30 Simple Gel Winter nail 2021 trends with almond-shaped nails

    Winter is finally here, and it’s time to start using the 2022 winter nails! Check out these excellent gel winter nail 2021 trends art ideas to make your nails look their best this year. Whether you want something bold or subtle, we have something for everyone! What is your favorite winter nail design? Related: 25 Festive Holiday Christmas nail art ideas to copy ASAP Related: 33 Top short Christmas nail art 2021 for December nail When we are ready to put on thick clothes and enjoy snowflakes, we should also think about our nails. Many different looks can be achieved with winter nails when looking for inspiration. From icy colors…

  • Romantic Valentine's Day Nail Designs with Short Nail Art
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    21 Romantic Valentine’s Day Nail Designs with Short Nail Art

    Valentine's Day nail designs should be at your beauty scheme now. There is no time to make your beauty look a little bit whimsical other than Valentine's Day. Although it is too early for the holidays, our crystal ball shows that your nails will be great. After all, this is a perfect excuse to decorate your fingertips, hearts, glitter, multiple shades of pink. But if you are looking for a less clear love-inspired nail art idea. We found it too. From super sissy to exaggerated and avant-garde, long after the last piece of chocolate disappears from the heart-shaped box, you will fall in love with these 2022 v-day manicure ideas.

  • 40+ Top New Almond nails design ideas for any season
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    50+ Top New Almond nails design ideas for any season

    Almonds are currently one of the most popular nail shapes for a simple reason. The shape, similar to the nut's name, is elegant, complex, and downright stylish. Therefore, it is no wonder that more and more women choose finger contours. So, if you select almond-shaped nails, it's time to show off; we have prepared the design for this job. These nail art ideas will bring fashion to your fingertips, from bright and bold patterns to chic and simple tones. Almond nails design, almond nails, Frenc almond nails, #almondnails, #Frenchalmondnails, #shortnails