Distinctive personality of the ear tattoo 2020

Nowadays, tattoos are no longer an alternative but a way of expressing oneself, and they are gradually accepted by people. And tattoos can make you look especially fashionable. Today we’re going to take you through a series of personalized tattoos on the ears, where you can see all kinds of tattoos.

Ear studs, bone clips and, in recent years, big earrings. What else can we do with our little ears? Seeing the latest trend of IG’s ear tattoo, you may feel a breath of fresh air.

We’re not talking about tattoos on the back of the ear. Tattoos on the bone are the latest trend. No matter be simple black geometry stripe, or fine colored drawing flowers and plants design suits grain very much in small place. But this is a test of the power of the tattoo division.

It is difficult to imagine exactly how to be in a few centimeters of place accurate grain on design, add delicate and wonderful ornament to skin with a pair of skillful hands.

This type looks very small and fresh flowers, with an illusion of embroidery. Many girls like to hide their favorite secrets behind their ears in the ends of their hair, which is also a way to show their personality.

This is the ear tattoo taking the world by surprise. Many celebrities are fascinated by this, secretly on their ears to make a small picture, looming effect shows full charm. Like Rihanna. She has a five-pointed star tattoo on her ear.

Like tattoos behind the ears, tattoos on the ears are often less visible when covered with hair. As a result, it has won the favor of many girls.

There’s another name for the ear tattoo, HELIX, which literally translates to spiral tattoo. Because at first, many people’s auricle tattoos were symmetrical spirals, especially on the ear rings. Later, people gradually thought that the ears should be the best place for the minimalist aesthetics, so the spirals were replaced by richer patterns.

Tattoo artists and tattoo lovers have always had an incredible imagination. The pattern of the ear tattoo is also constantly changing, you can choose a grass or a branch. Or a bunch of stars. It can even become a kind of work of art on the auricle, can adapt to any style such as dot thorn, watercolor, portrait, etc.

The process of tattooing the ears is simpler than other parts of the body. Many people who say they don’t have the time, the time, or the determination to get a tattoo begin with their ears. Simple characters like this are almost instant tattoos. The process isn’t much harder than getting an ear pierced. The tattoos and earrings on the ears are like the signatures and cuffs on the shirt cuffs, which complement each other. Creating a unique style between square inches is another fun part of tattoos.

If you want to get your own ear tattoo, just do it now.