Nail Designs

Exquisite luxury life, from the beginning of the rhinestone coffin nails!

Today to share with you a few diamond nail art. As the nobility of the nail, the status of the rhinestone coffin nail is to be reckoned with. All kinds of exquisite rhinestone nail attracted a lot of fairies. So we collected a lot of beautiful diamond nail for everybody to look at!

On armour face aggrandize delicate combination diamond is acted the role of article. It can let armour face look to have temperament very much. The rhinestone act the role of article of the design that passes meticulous and combination. And it can present the advanced sense of grade of gem. Let your fingertip have infinite costly feeling.

The rhinestone that USES bigger makes adornment on armour face. It contracted have temperament again. It can let whole manicure look more atmospheric. And delicate small diamond can increase armour face delicate feeling greatly. Let your fingertip look more dazzling and charming.

Like low-key small fairy. It can add a few small diamond on transparent armour face. It also can have very good ornament effect already. Let fingertip be like starlight bright.

With delicate rhinestone nail, tie-in contracted ground arenaceous and pure color nail. The simple sense of these two kinds of extremes hits together. It did not appear antithetical. And it can better foil the characteristic that gives each other instead. Let fingertip have delicate and fashionable temperament. This is the fingertip of a lot of fashionable essence people careful machine.

The wrap edge manicure of four seasons popularity, fashionable have temperament again. And a few diamonds and metallic small adorn article are added in the place of white space. It can increase integral delicate look, let your manicure be more perfect.

Cat eye armour matchs rhinestone that kind of delicate luminescence simple sense. It is really super attractive. Let your fingertip is dazzling below lamplight, glamour cannot resist ~

Like this whole nail diamond manicure. It looks very delicate and shiny, imagine the kind of luster feeling in the light. It is really great, occasionally do a manicure like this. It is also a good experience.

With diamond collocation sequins manicure. One is stereo burnish, one is dense delicate feeling. It can let your fingertip have very have the luminous effect of the layer. And be in the light particularly attractive.

This kind of square drill appears very contracted and fashionable on nail surface. It is ablative and without complex structure. It can let whole manicure maintain contracted fundamental key. It have fashionable feeling more!

Big diamond is acted the role of article. It looks a bit exaggerated. But the effect that begin to use is extraordinary really good-looking, simple and easy.

Even the black nail that looks like callous. After tie-in on diamond nail. It also had tender temperament, reduce age effect also is very good. Let fingertip appear nifty and lovely. It won’t have distance feeling completely.

Add contracted diamond act the role of article on jumping color nails. It also can let the color of fingertip achieve balance very well.