Eyeshadow Makeup Tutorial For Beginners Step by Step

Beautiful eyes are innate, and beautiful eye shadow decorations can be obtained through hard work. Want to have natural and expressive eyes? Then try this natural eyeshadow makeup.

What is eye shadow

As the name implies, eye shadow is a kind of used to dress up our makeup around the eye. Color and shadow of modification to make our eyes more stereo feeling. And we live the eye shadow color variety, different colors can be used to single. It can also according to individual needs, mixed with make the eye shadow model of different makeup with the whole.

Two, the main effect of eye shadow

So why do we wear eye shadow? One of the main reasons is that eye shadow plays a good role in modifying our eyes, which can enhance the stereoscopic sense of our eyes and effectively modify the swelling of our eyes. Because eye shadow is to choose natural mineral material to pledge place to make. More dry and easy color, also can make our eyeliner is not easy take off makeup. Accordingly, also be one of choice of personage that loves to make up.

Three, the daily makeup of eye shadow

The color of eye shadow is varied. But in daily life, basically a 3 color eye shadow box can satisfy the need of our daily makeup look. A brunet, a light color and a advocate tone color. Delicate powder makes eye shadow easier daub and go up makeup. The eye shadow of 4 colors more show the look of our eye ministry. Of course, there are a few people will use a single eye shadow color. Giving a person a kind of water general pure clean feeling.

The choice of matte eye shadow and pearl eye shadow

1,Pearl eye shadow compared with matte eyeshadow. Just as its name, is a flash. This is because the pearl eye shadow on the quality of a material is much more than a matte shadow many finely flash chip. It also makes the pearl eye shadow than matte shadow is not easy to joint skin. Easy to fly powder, without adding flash powder matte shadow would not have such fears.

2, From the color saturation, matte eye shadow color saturation is higher, easy to color. And also very low-key, on the contrary, pearl light eye shadow color and lustre is lighter. Saturation is not so high. But because it contains flash component. So color and lustre more bright.

3, Speaking from makeup feeling, matte light eye shadow does not have sequin. Because this glossiness is lesser, color also is partial a few darker. And the eye shadow of bead light makes the eye more concave and convex have send. Especially the effect that its bring with one’s own flash suits to attend a party to use very much.

4,From the right eye type, pearl eye shadow on the eye requirements are higher. If your eye is to belong to the swelling bubble eye or the day the eye edema. So do not choose pearl eye shadow, because this will make your eyes look more swollen. And matte eye shadow is not so picky eye model, it can say is mass-market model. Should choose right color only, no matter what eye model you are. It can draw the eye makeup that gives good-looking.

5, And to everyday makeup look is to choose bead light or matte light. In fact small make up proposal to be able to pair collocation is used, practice is to deepen the outline of our eye ministry with matte light eye shadow first. After reoccupy pearl light eye shadow will carry bright eye, reasonable collocation makes the eye makeup that belongs to you.

Actually for the choice of eye shadow, most people will still according to the effect they want to choose the type of eye shadow and color, if it is everyday to go to school and work, with a single eye shadow is also no problem, if it is going to the party, you can choose a variety of color is tie-in, with pearl eye shadow to decorate, after light collocation pearl effect is very good.