Fashionable messy short pixie haircut

The messy short hair style with concise and individual character is not exclusive to the boy only, the girl also can drive super dazzle cool short hair style. Choose different types of short pixie hair according to different face types to make you look handsome and charming.

The weather is getting warmer and shorter pixie hair is a cool look. Wear it with a white T-shirt, jeans and a shoulder bag and you’re sure to be the hottest girl in the spring crowd.

Feminine short pixie haircut

Messy short pixie haircut It is a way for women to show their unique character in the new era. This hairstyle not only allows you to walk in the forefront of fashion, but also shows your positive personality and unique charm. You can try it at any age. And it can make you have different temperament at different ages. In addition, this hairstyle also reflects your temperament according to your wearing and makeup. Therefore, you can pay more attention to your own preferences and carefully study the clothes and makeup matching this hairstyle. Such a combination can better reflect your charm.

Messy short pixie haircut with a handsome personality

If you want to be cool, try this short pixie haircut. Messy short pixie haircut, individual character is fashionable again, and that fluffy modelling still can decorate your face shape.

Clean short black hair

This short pixie haircut gives a person the first impression is pure and clean, the hair of black gives a person very beautiful pure and fresh feeling, look very have affinity.

Lovely short pixie haircut

If you’re going the cute route, try this one. The hair end of ears makes the form that gives a dot outside warped slightly, give a person a kind of nifty and lovely feeling, hair end is a bit perm, the hairstyle that can let you appears fleeciness. This short hair is important the fleeciness nature that depends on it can decorate whole face more perfect and delicate, when the sunshine shines on whole body, you can feel that pure and fresh and beautiful feeling, melting is more youth.

Natural fresh short pixie haircut

Girls’ demand for hairstyle is not only to show charm. A good hairstyle also needs to have a natural beauty. Make people think you are very friendly at first sight, so that they can attract new friends to get along with you. This hairstyle is a natural and personalized one. Whether you are a student or a working woman, you can choose this hairstyle. She can show your friendly side well and make you more easily integrate into the new environment.

Messy short haircut for girls with round faces

The bang of inclined part is the good method that decorates face form originally. If be itself wider face model, can achieve elongate effect through the bang of inclined part, the curl of an individual character is to be able to help you most in the crowd highlight come out, it is inclined part bang likewise, but roll when ironing also do not miss bang part, whole hairstyle is thick and fine have the curl that send.

First love is short hair

Girls who like short hair and girls who want to have short hair, their original intention may be to have a short hair like the first love. If you want to give people more fresh and natural feeling, then this has the breath of the first love of the short hair you must not miss. A pure and fresh and sweet first love fasten short pixie haircut to take you can arrive that pure and sweet girlhood.