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How to better maintain your beautiful short square nails

How to care for manicure has always been a topic that girls like to discuss. Today, I will explain in detail how to protect our nails.

Many girls will bump when they finish their manicure. In this way, the new manicure will lose its original appearance. Will affect the beauty of the enhancement. Although small bumps are unavoidable, we can try our best to protect our nails.

First of all, do not touch hard things such as bottle caps after manicure. Try to wear gloves to protect our nails when doing housework.

Second,wipe with half a fresh lemon every day, wipe continuously for two weeks to remove stains, nails due to smoking or long time use of dark three-color nail polish and color can be treated with lemon, in the home bedside table and desk, should have nail clippers and hand cream, so as to take at any time.

Third,apply two coats of nail polish to the edges of your nails when they break and keep them trimmed.

The above is manicure after the daily maintenance of all the content, I believe you have a certain understanding, hope to help you, to avoid nail edge fracture, can be used to clear nail paint in the bottom of the nail edge, and then every interval trim

In addition to daily protection, you need to take extra care when choosing nail polish

Oily nail polish

Most of the ingredients of oil nail polish are very complex, they can be divided into regular oil nail polish and nail polish glue, regular oil nail polish pigment content more, and remove the trouble.

Nail polish glue avoids these problems, and general nail polish glue is tasteless, dry very quickly, remove when very simple, with the hand can be removed.

Water-based nail polish

The texture of water based nail polish is relatively soft, so the fluidity is large, when daub more convenient daub becomes the desired effect, but this kind of nail polish dries slower, also easy to peel off.

Pick by color

There are so many different colors of nail polish. When we buy nail polish, we should choose according to the color of our hand skin. If your hand skin is bright and white, you can choose a brighter color

According to quality

When determining the quality of nail polish, we can judge by the molding speed, the duration of maintenance, the effect of use and the way of removing.

Observe the packing

The packaging of nail polish should be reasonable, want to carry easily at the very least, bottle cap and bottle body union are full without seam, and brush bristle is firm and rich tenacity.

According to brand selection

Avoid small, obscure nail polishes, which often contain harmful ingredients, and opt for larger brands instead

The beauty of fingernails is very important, the beauty that maintains fingernail is more important. With the above tips and basic care and nail polish quality, your nails will last longer.