How to style short bob haircuts in spring

Someone says short hair is the hairstyle that the girl must try once in a lifetime, but the type of short hair is many kinds of diversity, how should we choose for ourselves? The first time a girl has her hair cut, she wants to have the most stylish, simple and manageable style, so short bob hairstyle is a must-have. Besides, if it’s not the first time a girl has had her hair cut then she knows the charm of short bob hairstyle.

Short and medium bob hairstyle is perfect for spring and summer. It not only decorates the shape of face, it also can reveals the individual character. Additionally, it is the representative of fashionable hairstyle.

Unique short bob hair

The big difference between short bob hair and other short styles is that it can come across in so many different ways. For example ,the short bob hair with a straight line, although the messy part is more, but the long bang can balance all curly short hair. This short bob hair is very layered, with different hair colors, it can highlight the beauty and brightness of the eyes.

Sweet short bob hair

Short bob hair can be elegant or cute. Slightly curl warped radian will make both sides of the hair after the ear reveal delicate features. This short bob haircut not only beautifies the face shape, but also adds a new and sweet touch.

Sweet and lovely never go out of style. Getting the biggest experience feeling from simple hairstyle just is the best hairstyle.

Straight short bob hair

This beautiful bob hair is made from the height of detail. Short bob hair is very smooth, with the edges curling at the end and a matte finish. Beautiful in detail lets the whole hairstyle brighter.

Messy short bob hair

Some people like neat beauty, some people like messy beauty. This messy bob hairstyle feathered edges to create a layered look. The irregularly feathered style contrasts sharply with the heavily trimmed bangs, making the messy bob hair look lightweight overall.

Beautiful hair color also appears to have simple sense very much at the same time, like to follow the beauty you must not miss.

Neat and beautiful bob hair

The classic super-straight bangs and chin length set up an accurate split bob hair. The quarter at the end of the hair is smoothly layered and the texture and color flow in the circular release. This bob haircut is impressive even in a crowd.

Classic bob hairstyle

This style is a classic cut among all bob haircuts. Create a smooth outline and cut the ends into pieces. In contrast to neat short bob hair, the chopped ends are more casual. The line that the hair is blown out and head model stick, formed gentle curvy shape.

Curly short bob hair

Curly short bob hair can not only have the straightest lines, it can also have the most attractive curls. This short bob hair is very shaggy, and it sent out the glamour of schoolgirl sex appeal, graceful beauty .The most important is that it can release feminine flavor everywhere.

The length can be up to the ears.The short bob hairstyle will decorate the degree to rise to the highest. Because it is not only less aging, but also more fashionable.