It is the most livable small country in Europe in the world. I visited more than half of Europe once!

There is such a European country:
The medieval architecture here is not inferior to Czech Republic, the landscape here is not inferior to Switzerland, and the romance on the streets is not inferior to France. It can be said that going there once is equivalent to visiting more than half of Europe!
It is also one of the most suitable countries for old-age care in the world. Its capital has been rated as “the most suitable city for human habitation” for many years, and it has been listed as “the top ten tourism cities in the world” in Lonely Planet for many times “.
Here is the beautiful Austria. When you are in this country, you will feel that you are in the picture all the time.
The beauty of Austria lies in the old castle, mountains and rivers, and in the small town. Today, I walk into Austria and feel the romance and poetry of this “music Kingdom between mountains and rivers.


The roaring tram, the pigeons in the Old Square, the ancient and elegant sculptures…… Every day in Vienna is warm by sunshine, which is a bit intoxicating.
It is known by the world for its beating notes, and it is also a medieval ancient city full of European palaces. Walking on the streets of Vienna is like experiencing a time journey through history, which is modern, classical and extremely luxurious.

Among many palaces in Vienna, Hofburg Palace is a classic that must not be missed! It can be regarded as the most luxurious palace in Austria, and the famous Princess Sisi Museum is also here.

Meiquan Palace, which is on a par with the Hoffberg Palace, is also the pride of Vienna needless to say. As the summer palace of Sisi Princess, in the Meiquan Palace, you can meet Sisi Princess in summer across time and space.

In Vienna, don’t forget to go to the Golden Hall to experience the charm of the world-class church of music and the epic Symphony.


Here is the birthplace of the great music genius Mo Zhate, the hometown of the famous conductor Karajan, the place where the story of the handed-down film “The Sound of Music” took place and the place where the film was shot, and also the origin of the Christmas song “Christmas Eve.

If Vienna is the capital of music, here is the holy land of music.

You can go to Mirabel Palace, the shooting place of the sound of music.

In the movie, Maria and children are singing and dancing around the fountain in the center of Mirabel palace garden. Every detail of this beautiful garden shows the delicacy of Baroque art.


The old city of Innsbruck is surrounded by snow-capped mountains, which seems very insignificant under the Alps.

However, this is not the case. The old city of Innsbruck has its own unique personality.

The Alps can be seen from every angle here, and every angle is full of charm.

When you come to Innsbruck, you have to mention Swarovski crystal world located in the old city, which can be said to be a paradise for Crystal accessory lovers. This store gathers all products of Swarovski brand, the key is that the price of origin will be very affordable ~

Finally, strolling in the old town, you will fall in love with this poetic and quiet town, where there are magnificent snow mountains and colorful buildings nearby.


People have never been stingy to praise nature with the most beautiful words. The beautiful, gorgeous and colorful cockroaches have probably the highest evaluation like heaven.

No one can tell what heaven is like. But if there is, it must be harsdart’s appearance.

It was an Austrian town located at the foot of the Alps. The lake surface and the mountains were covered by layers of fog. The woods and mountains were hazy, as if they were in fairyland.

Harsdat is always accompanied by fog, but there are also exclusive sunny days.

The elegant and beautiful mute swan floats freely. The pointed cabin on the shore and the blue sky are reflected in the clear lake water. The beautiful picture makes people can’t help slowing down their breath.

If the day is bright, then when night falls. Harsdat looked like the lost fairy tale world, and the light leaking from the window warmed the night.

Perhaps because of the scarcity of residents, the winter of harsdat is particularly quiet.
The heavy snow fell on the top of the House, silent, just to give people a beautiful snow scene in the morning.

Different from the silence of winter, the autumn of harsdart is gorgeous.
The gradually yellow Woods made the whole town look like being enveloped by the flame, with different seasons but different tastes.

When you come here, what you can’t miss is boating the halstadt Lake.
Or stand on the top of the “postcard angle” to overlook the whole town. A casual shot is the beautiful scenery that once appeared in the magazine.

Hope one day,
You can also go to Austria with your loved ones,
Listening to music, watching operas, visiting the old town, living in a fairy tale town,
Be in the postcard-like scenery.