Natural Makeup Tutorial In Four Seasons

Some women biochemical makeup for several years, but the most basic steps will still be wrong. Today I would like to share with you the natural general order of daily makeup

Makeup is divided into heavy makeup light makeup, some girls like a little lighter makeup. So the color makeup that USES on the face still is quite little actually! The product such as eye shadow, eyeliner, basic also can ignore. Some girls like a little more delicate makeup, so the face will use a lot of makeup, such as blush, contouring, highlights and so on.

1.Skin care

Before making up is must protect skin, protect skin after using up. Remember to apply sunscreen to your skin! Sunscreen or spray suntan will do. Put on sunscreen and wait three minutes before putting on makeup. Lest appear rub mud phenomenon!

2.Pre makeup milk

The first step of make-up is to apply the pre makeup milk. Some girls must ask! There are many effects of pre makeup milk, which can correct skin color, even skin color, invisible pores, etc. You can choose pre makeup milk according to your own needs.


Air cushion, powder, foundation liquid, foundation cream, foundation bar, BB cream, CC cream and so on. In fact, it is a kind of foundation. According to their skin and habits to choose the foundation, when painting foundation, try to use makeup tools on makeup. Cosmetic eggs, sponge puff and makeup brushes are more effective than hand foundation.


In fact, Concealer can be used before foundation, and can also be used after foundation. Concealer has many colors, such as green, purple, pink, complexion, orange and so on. Generally speaking, the color Concealer should be used before the foundation. The concealer of the skin color can be used before the foundation, and can also be used after the foundation.

In addition to using color to determine the order of use, we can also determine according to the degree of facial defects. Many girls with skin defects can use: Concealer – Foundation – the order of concealer. Girls with very few skin defects can use the foundation: the order of concealer.


After finishing the foundation and concealer, you must fix your face. You can use powder puff or powder brush. You can sweep more powder at the place where you like oil in area t.

6.Thrushes in make-up

The common method of drawing eyebrows is to outline the basic outline of eyebrows with eyebrow pencil or eyebrow powder first. Then fill with eyebrow pencil or eyebrow powder, and comb eyebrow with eyebrow comb to make eyebrow color uniform. Girls with dyed hair, remember to dye eyebrows with eyebrow dye paste close to hair color. If you are worried about eyebrow makeup removal, you can brush eyebrows with a layer of eyebrow raincoat after thrush!

7.Eye makeup

First, apply eye shadow. The order of eye shadow should be from shallow to deep. The beauty of eye shadow is gradual beauty. Do not scribble. After the eye shadow is coated, draw the eyeliner. According to their eye type and makeup style to draw eyeliner, novice is more suitable for Eyeliner Gel Pen. After the eye shadow line is finished, you can brush mascara. Before brushing, use the eyelash clip first, and set the eyelash clip up!


Cosmetic products have paste like, liquid, powder like novice with powder like better control! Apply the cosmetic products on both sides of the nose, cheeks, hairline, etc. Apply highlights to: bridge of nose, middle of person, cheekbones, forehead, etc. Refer to the figure below


The color of blush is as close as lip color or eye makeup. The blush has cream, powder and liquid. Whichever is easy to use, you can use it.


Lipstick can be thick coated or thin coated, red mouth size according to their skin color to choose. Lipstick of different color numbers has different effects. Lip smear can be used to make lip polish before lipstick. This will make lipstick better.

These are the basic steps of make-up! You can cut the steps according to your own needs!