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Natural Short Square Nails That Easy To Do At Home

As the saying goes, the hand is the second face of the woman, when spring is approaching, it is this “face” the good time that appears on the stage. Besides go manicure inn, how do oneself do natural short square nails at home?

Next, we will introduce the steps of natural short square nails while enjoying the beautiful natural short square nails styles.

Prepare work for natural short square nails

As anyone who has ever been to a nail salon knows, it takes a lot of tools to get a beautiful natural short square nails. At this point someone will say, I don’t have so many tools, I want a simple tutorial!

Then you must watch carefully! The tools that need to be prepared are the most basic.

Simple tools to prepare: cosmetic cotton, cotton swabs, nail remover, nail softener, base oil, nail oil, shine oil, nail clippers, polishing and scrubbing strips.

Nursing fingernails work

To get ready, the first thing we need to do is trim our initial nails.A good start is half the battle!

1.For nail washing, use a pad of cotton with nail polish remover to clean your nails (cotton is better than cotton).

2.Use nail clippers to clip the nails into the shape you like, and on the nail surface and the edge of the nail coated with nail softener, gently massage 2~5 minutes, and then with dead skin push nail edge of the dead skin gently pushed up, and then with nail clippers cut off.

Natural short square nails can also be accompanied by hand care to make our hands white and tender.

The most important link

It’s not enough just to trim your nails. This is the next step in the process of getting the best color.

1.To nail besmear base oil, base oil can avoid nail oil premature peeling, also can prevent the color of nail oil caused by color precipitation on the nail.

2.The first layer of nail oil dry and then evenly coated with the second layer of nail oil.If the nail oil accidentally applied to the cortex, you can use a cotton swab dipped in nail washing water gently scrub clean.

Simple ending

Apply the polish after the nail polish has dried, and the natural short square nails will look bright and shiny, just like those made in a nail salon.

This is a simple, fresh manicure, of course, if you want more.

Natural short square nails with a simple doodle

If it’s just a regular doodle, prepare clear nail polish and white nail polish. If you don’t have white nail polish, paint can be used instead. It’s challenging to doodle on your own, and it’s hard to paint in white. Start with a clear nail polish, or your favorite light nail polish, and paint your nails all over. And the width of the white edge depends on the length of your nail.

Natural short square nails with a simple diamond

In addition to doodling, you can also decorate with diamonds. Many manicurists, when making metal veneers for their guests, will apply more nail oil to cover the ornaments, so as to prevent rust and make the ornaments stronger. But for the diamond decoration, the whole package method will reduce the effect of the diamond cutting surface, and make the diamond become a transparent “glass ball” like thing. At this time, you can choose according to your preference.

Natural short square nails that you can do at home

Read the above introduction, is it already enchanted? Follow these steps and just do it!