Premeditate an elopement in The 6 Most Beautiful Towns

one famous writer said:

“Honeymoon trips after marriage are in reverse order. We should travel together for one month first.

After a month, when the two sides haven’t seen through each other, hated each other, had not quarreled and had to maintain the original engagement, this kind of couple promised not to divorce.”

Indeed, traveling is the best way to see a person’s conduct and to test whether two people are suitable or not.

However, in my opinion, after marriage, the two still need to travel occasionally.

The trivial in life and the unsatisfactory in work will eventually make our fresh heart lose its luster gradually. Why not let us throw away everything and elope!

Crazy once a year, a beautiful town every year, add beautiful memories to the plain life, and make our love alive forever.


If you love someone, you should take her to halstadt, Austria. This small town with Swan Lake will help lovers get married eventually.

The pointed cabin on the shore and the blue sky reflected in the clear lake water. Occasionally, Swans flew by. The beautiful picture made people unable to help slowing down their breath.

When night falls, Harstadt becomes the lost fairy tale world, and the light leaking out from the window warms the night.

Coordinates: saltzkamogut, Upper Austria

Brad town

On the center of the Clear Lake Brad, there is a natural island with jungle on the island. With the castle built by people, from a distance, it is comparable to the real version of “Disney”.

I don’t know how many people have a long and arduous journey. You just have a look at the Sunrise and sunshine here in the morning. And I don’t know how many lovers stay from daytime to dark, just to have a look at the sentimental sunset and dusk here.

In the daytime, we fish on the shore, support boats on the water and linger in the green waves.

At night, we walked by the lake together, sinking in the charming light , and photographing the most beautiful night scene in the castle with bright lights.

Coordinates: Lake Brad, the southern foot of the Alps in northwestern Slovenia


Some people say that every day in Interlaken town is a gift from God, because the scenery here is intoxicating like postcards everywhere.

The towering Snow Mountain is continuous, and not far away is the peak mountain of young girls that people yearn for. The snow on the mountain is white and the green trees are green, which is quite a bit like the Wizard of Oz.

At the foot of the mountain is the intoxicating Interlaken Lake. The water of the lake is as clear as Jade and sparkling. Standing by the lake, you can be deeply intoxicated without doing anything.

Coordinates: between Lake Tun and Lake Brienz in Switzerland

Yangjiao village

This is a small town over 700 years old, which is located in the center of the canal Net. Every family lives in the river.

There is no road in the village that can pass through cars, and only bicycles and boats are the means of transportation, so the postmen here all send letters by boat.

Green trees, flowers in full bloom, quiet small house reflection in the water…… No matter from which perspective, it is full of poetry.

The winding river, flowing clear waves, dream rippling on the water, a touch of romantic feelings slipping over, giving people infinite reverie.

Coordinates: in Overijssel nature reserve, northwest De Wieden province, Netherlands

Colma town

Corma town inherits the romantic feelings of France, but her romance is not only in perfume, fashion and candlelight dinner, but also from water flow and flowers.

We rode our bicycles and walked along the streets and lanes. The breeze brought us the fragrance of unknown places, small bridges and flowing water, quiet and narrow lanes, and colorful European buildings, which made the town full of Alsace style.

This small French town is so exquisite that every place is similar in beauty but different in beauty.

Coordinates: capital of Upper Rhine, France

Wuyu village

The fifth fishing village is composed of five fishing villages with beautiful scenery along the Mediterranean coast of Italy, which can be called the Italian version of the Paradise of the world.

It is quiet and leisurely near the mountain and the sea. The beautiful scenery behind the mountain and facing the sea deeply shocks visitors all over the world.

The colorful buildings add a lot of mystery and interest to the town, and you must go with your lover once in your life.

Coordinates: coastal areas of the sea in lasspezia province, Liguria region, Italy


It was an accident to meet in the vast sea of people, so why not let us be more crazy?

Eloped to the farthest town, and enjoyed the sunset of Brad. After the rain of Harstadt, flowers of Colma……

In the unknown craziness, arouse the enthusiasm for life; In the foreign country, regain the original heart.