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Hottest Short almond nails in a gentle style 2020

Nails have many shapes, and one of my favorites is the short almond nail. Apricot shaped nails have the most rounded radian, is a very gentle nail shape. Not only that, almond-shaped nails can be paired with different colors and patterns to make your nails look fuller.

The almond nails are one of the best nail shapes for spring, with a hint of playfulness in the warmth. As a result, almond-shaped nails are very popular with girls.

Solid colors are best for beautiful spring

When it comes to nail art, many women’s first choice is a pure color nail. Pure color nail is the simplest style. Although look inconspicuous, but pure color fastens fingernail to be able to foil very good those who give you clean and beautiful. Wear these almond-shaped nails with a sweater and jeans.

The simplest color is the most beautiful, and it has the most gentle charm. Whether it’s a pure blue like the sea, a soft white like the clouds, or a hopeful green like the grass, it can be your choice.

Simple and fresh design

Although pure color fastens fingernail to be the first choice of girl, but some girl can feel to have only one color to still be too drab. If that’s what you’re thinking, but you don’t want your nails to get too complicated. You can try the short almond nails below.

Simple line can become the pen that the dot eyeball of solid color fingernail. Or make modification with one or two ablative diamond, originally simple monochromatic fingernail gave a few more beauty.

The pattern with individual character dye-all

If you are a passionate person, you like more colors and patterns. Then you can’t miss this short almond nails. But with its intricate patterns, this almond-shaped nail is more of a test of the manicurist’s skill.

Whether it’s a cat pattern or a mix of multiple colors, it can add a lot of color to your nails. You can also draw your favorite animated figures on your fingernails. Such a rich pattern will surely attract the eyes of others.

Mature dark color

Although spring is full of promise, this energy does not conflict with your maturity. Some girls are mature or like dark colors. This dark almond-shaped nail will be your first choice, it can give you an overall charming temperament, is a kind of gentle and cool charm.

Sweet candy color

As we mentioned earlier, the shape of the almond nail is a gentle one. But it can also contain some nifty. Like these candy-colored nails, the candy-like color can instantly melt into your heart.

Gentleness often gives a person the impression is the color of warm color department, it is a kind of not so eye-catching but very unique temperament. At the same time, tenderness can be a sweet candy color. This candy-colored nail adds more sweetness and energy to your temperament.

Read the above introduction, there is no heartbeat? Would you like to dance in the breezy spring day, in the courtyard full of flowers? Take this short almond nail and let your beauty shine.