• Pretty Thanksgiving Nails 2023 Trends and Inspo
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    26 Pretty Thanksgiving Nails 2023 Trends and Inspo

    Planning out your nail designs is fun year-round, but something about the holidays' festivity makes being the art director of your nails way more fun. Today we’re talking about cute Thanksgiving nails that give serious harvest energy and are sure to complete your feast day fit. From cute little cartoon turkey designs that’ll make you say “aww!” to manis that capture the essence of this autumn holiday in a low-key way, we’ve got 56 pretty Thanksgiving nails 2023 trends and ideas for everyone.

  • Pretty short valentine's day nails for February nail 2023
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    52 Pretty short valentine’s day nails for February nail 2023

    Valentine's Day is almost here, and I can't believe it's already halfway through January. Now I think of Valentine's Day as something other than a holiday, but it can be fun and something to look forward to in February. If you're in a relationship, thoughtful little gifts or date nights are fun. Covid is not cured yet. Eat a home-cooked meal at home. If you're single, it's a fun day, too - think Valentine's Day and celebrate with your best friend. This year we've put together a list of 52 beautiful Valentine's Day nail art ideas.