• Romantic Valentine's Day Nail Designs with Short Nail Art
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    21 Romantic Valentine’s Day Nail Designs with Short Nail Art

    Valentine's Day nail designs should be at your beauty scheme now. There is no time to make your beauty look a little bit whimsical other than Valentine's Day. Although it is too early for the holidays, our crystal ball shows that your nails will be great. After all, this is a perfect excuse to decorate your fingertips, hearts, glitter, multiple shades of pink. But if you are looking for a less clear love-inspired nail art idea. We found it too. From super sissy to exaggerated and avant-garde, long after the last piece of chocolate disappears from the heart-shaped box, you will fall in love with these 2022 v-day manicure ideas.

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    72 Awesome Short Tapered Square Acrylic Nails To Copy In 2021

    Short traped square nails acrylic Ideas are so prevalent in winter 2021. They have a tapered square form. It is fashionable and comfortable to use nail shapes and will satisfy everyone. You can find different nail patterns to try this year. We often see coffins and stilettos, but have you considered the classic square shape? Not only that, it seems to be celebrated by other nail lengths.

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    40 Best Summer nail colors 2021 ideas with short acrylic nails !

    Summer nail colors trend 2021 is a hot topic these days in many social media. And what is the best summer nail colors 2021 worthy of trying? Here we go with the summer nail ideas with short acrylic nails inspired by instagram. Warm months are the time to abandon dark colors and embrace vibrant tones or soft feminine tones. Mint green and orange are bold choices, but there are also timeless classics such as white and gray. The only tricky thing about these nail polishes is choosing which one you want to use. However, you don't have to do this because wearing them all at once may become your new…

  • Easter nail designs 2021 with short nail shape!
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    47 Pretty Easter nail designs 2021 with short nail shape!

    Do you like nail art? Circles of beautiful designs for nails for Easter? Then you've come to the right place, and we found 47 lovely Easter nail designs 2021 with short almond-shaped nails. We have something for everyone, from fashionable cute rabbits to pastels and so on. Any feature nails Paschal looks stylish and exciting on special days. If you want to make a manicure at Easter and celebrate the occasion, but you're still fashionable, this idea could make the case yours. The nail tips are a soft pink, dark purple, and decorated with nail rabbit. We like the cute rabbits but simple and use of light and dark tones.…