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    Green nails color: Such awesome Spring nail colors 2021 to try!

    Green nails are so awesome nail color design this year 2021! What we are interested in Spring nail art is to blend into another most popular nail color of this season: green nail. Because whether it is mint, emerald, or olive green, green nail art is as festive as traditional red, and it is fresher and more unexpected. Keep scrolling on Instagram to see our 33 favorite designs. These will inspire you to go to the salon. This asymmetrical green nail design looks like a modern artwork. We like the complementary combination of two shades of green. If you want to reshape yourself, the best way is to paint a…

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    30+ Stylish square acrylic nails design For Summer 2021!

    Square acrylic nails becomes popular this Summer while there are many different nail shapes you can try. We often see coffins and stilettos. Square nails are just like they sound. They have a tapered square shape. It is a popular and easy-to-wear nail shape that will suit everyone. Not only that, but nails of different lengths look great. To let you know how beautiful these nails are, we have 30+ ways to apply square acrylic nails. We have other nail art, nail colors, and so on. So, let's take a look at some of the most popular nail art.

  • Easter nail designs 2021 with short nail shape!
    Nail Designs

    47 Pretty Easter nail designs 2021 with short nail shape!

    Do you like nail art? Circles of beautiful designs for nails for Easter? Then you've come to the right place, and we found 47 lovely Easter nail designs 2021 with short almond-shaped nails. We have something for everyone, from fashionable cute rabbits to pastels and so on. Any feature nails Paschal looks stylish and exciting on special days. If you want to make a manicure at Easter and celebrate the occasion, but you're still fashionable, this idea could make the case yours. The nail tips are a soft pink, dark purple, and decorated with nail rabbit. We like the cute rabbits but simple and use of light and dark tones.…