• Beautiful short square nails for spring nails 2023
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    46 Beautiful short square nails for spring nails 2023

    Short square nails are stylish and versatile nail shapes that can be worn for any occasion. They are called "square" nails because the tips are cut straight across, creating a square shape. Short square nails are a good choice for those who prefer a shorter nail length or want a more understated look. Here are 46 beautiful short square nails for spring nails in 2023.

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    15 Pretty fruit nail art design you must try!

    Freshness is not only what you love, but also your nails need to taste sweet fruit in hot seasons. Look at these lovely fruit nail art, which one is the appetite for your nails? strawberry nails, peach nails , cherry nails , etc. Which fruit nail is your favorite ?

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    36 Awesome Spring pastel coffin nails design art for 2021

    After the pastel makeup and hair trend, it’s time to celebrate the upcoming summer season with a gorgeous pastel coffin manicure! There is something so classy and cute about pastel coffin nails, not to mention they are the perfect versatile nail polish styles since they can be mixed with so many other colors and outfits. They can be elegant and sophisticated with luxurious designs, or edgy and cool with metallic and glitter detailing, and we are absolutely in love with this trend! Today we've collected 36 awesome pastel coffin nails (also called ballerina nails) here for your spring nails design ideas.

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    42 Elegant French tip coffin nail design you’ll love in Spring!

    French tips are a classic mani that is popular and very easy to wear. The design usually features a nude or light pink base color with striking white tips. Just like any nail trend, the design has changed and now new versions are being created. With that said, we have 42 French tip coffin nails to show you. We chose the coffin shape because it is stylish, easy to wear and looks amazing long or short. So, take a look, there is something for everyone. We have chic French manicures, modern versions, gorgeous nail art, glitz, glamour and more!