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    Beach nail designs inspired you to try for your summer holiday.

    Beach nail designs inspired you in the summer. Believe it or not, the transition of nail polish color in spring nails to a brighter beach tone in summer is not far away. This year, you can wear sexy sunglasses on your fingers and toes. Pear Nova founder Rachel James said that there is no rule in choosing the color of summer nail polish that suits you, like white almond nails, green nails, acrylic nails, white and pink nails. But she said that in general, bright colors (such as Orange) match dark skin. If your skin is fair, you can try berry color or gem color, which is also popular this…

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    White nail | 2021 Trend stylish white acrylic nails for summer inspiration

    White nails have become the preferred color of women worldwide—no matter when white nails always look stylish and modern. Of course, you can also apply strong nail polish with white acrylic nails, but you will have the time when you want it if you are someone like us. Add your ideas to the classic colors. Does it sound like you? We've always found pure white nails a bit boring ourselves, so we've been searching the internet for inspiration for white summmer nails. Naturally, we share some of our favorite designs with you. When rolling the idea of ​​white acrylic nails, you will love it! White acrylic nails will never go…

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    15 Pretty fruit nail art design you must try!

    Freshness is not only what you love, but also your nails need to taste sweet fruit in hot seasons. Look at these lovely fruit nail art, which one is the appetite for your nails? strawberry nails, peach nails , cherry nails , etc. Which fruit nail is your favorite ?

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    42 Elegant French tip coffin nail design you’ll love in Spring!

    French tips are a classic mani that is popular and very easy to wear. The design usually features a nude or light pink base color with striking white tips. Just like any nail trend, the design has changed and now new versions are being created. With that said, we have 42 French tip coffin nails to show you. We chose the coffin shape because it is stylish, easy to wear and looks amazing long or short. So, take a look, there is something for everyone. We have chic French manicures, modern versions, gorgeous nail art, glitz, glamour and more!

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    40 Beautiful natural short square nails design ideas to get inspired for Spring nails & Summer nails

    We still live in the atmosphere of spring, the growth of flowers and the warm atmosphere of spring season, and many women are interested in appearing in a way that suits this atmosphere colors and here we are especially concerned with the appearance of your hands, especially your nails that may make your entire look striking. Short square nails are always one of the best nail shape choice for us . Short square nails for spring and early summer, we can choose some bright color such as pink nails , yellow square nails , or add some pattern on the square nails to welcome the seasons .

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    34 Best pink nails for short almond nails for Spring & Summer!

    Spring is here and Summer is around the corner. My sisters begin to discuss about the trendy nails makeup we should have for spring nails and summer nails. Which nail shapes that are popular and always in trend? Well, we found that short almond nails were definitely worth trying. This shape of nails is one of the most popular types, and it is easy to understand why, because it is elegant, looks delicate, and absolutely stylish. The shape of almond nails is inspired by real almonds, the most worth mentioning is that it can make the fingers look slender and beautiful. And we love pink, so short pink almond nail…