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The elegant gel pink coffin nails suitable for spring and summer

Nowadays, women attach great importance to their own nailstyle. They change their nails time to time.Spring is full of life, the season of recovery of all things, and the warmth of early summer also leap on the heart, touch the fingertips.In this warm and wanton season, why not let your nails also become gentle?

The gel pink nails is undoubtedly one of the best colors in spring and summer. Here we have prepared a series of gel pink coffin nails for your reference. Now we will introduce you from different aspects such as style, color matching and pattern.Come and have a look, there will always be a suitable style for you.

Fashionable and simple pure pink nails

Every girl has a girl’s heart. Pink is the girl’s heart.

Pure pink nails are a little bit more nude, its charm is that it does not need special decoration, only the most simple monochrome can reflect your charm, like a fairy singing in the spring grass. The gel pink nails do not pick skin color, it is simple and fresh.

Girls who like flowers can’t miss it

Gentle enhancement is not only reflected in the color. On the basis of light pink nails, add a few flowers for embellishment. Unlike clear pink nail, flowers add more romance and life experience. Cherry blossoms bloom in spring. You can’t bear to pick them, but you also have their beauty because of the nails. Believe that this is the beauty that every girl who likes flowers wants to have.

Sequin on the gel nails gives you bright stars

Sequins are the magic of manicure. They can not only make you fresh and gentle, but also bring you a cool and shining festival atmosphere.

With the sequin on the gel nails, you can watch fireworks at your fingertips and enjoy the starry night sky at your fingertips, which is noble and full of texture.This is an unique beauty of sequins for girls.

Diamond pink nails returns your girl’s dream

Every girl once wanted to be a beautiful princess, also were eager to a castle, a forest and a diamond. If you still have nostalgia for your princess dream, consider diamond nails.

No matter what color diamonds are chosen for decoration, as long as your diamonds have polarized light, So you can see the rainbow shining on your fingernails. No matter where you go, you will become a beautiful scenery.

How to have the coolest gel pink nails

In manicure, bold color matching can also highlight personal character.

Pink is the representative color of gentleness and vitality. You can choose other colors to match according to your own preferences. Maybe there will be surprises. For example, with the deep dark blue, the mature temperament is immediately reflected. Match it with bold red, and others will feel the passion in your character.  And with the classic black collocation, it can highlight your high cold aura.

The gel nails with gradient color you can’t miss

Translucent, gradual enhancement color band has a hazy feeling. If you are a gentle but restrained girl, you can’t miss this gradual color nails.

Gradual nail enhancement has a sense of mystery that cannot be approached. The natural transition of two colors is very healing. At the same time, pink as the background color gives people a cool feeling, and a variety of feelings interweave to highlight the temperament.

Unique DIY pattern

Everyone wants to be unique. In fact, we are irreplaceable in the world. We can also be unique in terms of our nails. It’s a very interesting thing to draw the pattern you like and want on your fingernails. You not only get beauty, but also experience the joy of the process.