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Summer vacation is coming
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Recently, the list of Asia’s most economical travel destinations has been released.
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Yangon is the largest city in Myanmar, which looks like a huge park with plants, flowers, plants, pagodas and old buildings left by colonial times everywhere.

Walking in the streets of Rangoon, what impressed me most was that the city was filled with rich oriental colors.

Old European style buildings left by colonialism and modern buildings, traditional white spire and wooden houses painted by Black Cypress are staggered.

Take the Yangon ring train to go deep into this mysterious country.

Go to Yangon Golden Pagoda, the most sacred Buddhist building in Burma, and listen to the graceful Sanskrit in front of the glittering Pagoda.

If you catch up with the local water splashing festival, you might as well get into the crowd and be “unbridled” thoroughly.




Jaipur is a very charming city. And it is also the gateway to India’s most fascinating state.

People call Jaipur “Rose City”, because the most precious Rose is pink. And Jaipur is like a rose that is attractive and easy to dream.

Different from other ancient cities in India, Jaipur has good urban planning and broad streets.And at the same time, it is interwoven with fascinating ancient and modern scenery.

Today’s rampuer is full of flowers and trees. And there are always famous flowers in the streets and alleys, with thousands of branches and full of vitality.


The Philippines

Long Beach Island

Philippine Long Beach Island is one of the seven beautiful beaches in the world and the most beautiful beach in Asia.

Green Blue Sky, vast sea, Sunny Beach…… Even if it is just a description of words, the longing in my heart is enough to overflow my heart.

There are not only the most romantic white sand beach in the world. And the red sunset of lazy time, but also the freshest and most authentic food. There is really no reason to refuse Long Beach Island.



Siem Reap

In recent years, the rapid development of tourism in Siem Reap Benefits from the fact that it is one of the seven wonders of the world as the portal of Angkor historical sites. And Siem Reap is the only and important place to stay when visiting Angkor historical sites.

The trace within reach seems to be telling the old time through history, which is mysterious.

If you decide to come, you can feel the cultural gift of this millennium ancient capital with a pious heart.




Compared with the bustling Kathmandu, Boccara is much quieter, snuggling up to the snow-covered annapona Mountain and The Fishtail Mountain all year round, and next to the charming Pewa Lake.

Boccara has distinctive Lake light and mountain scenery. It is so close to the snow peaks of the Himalayas in subtropical climate environment that it can be seen opposite to the snow peaks with white snow even in hot summer.

In addition, the beautiful Lake Fiva always follows you, so Boccara is called the eastern Switzerland.

As the most famous scenic spot in Nepal, when the night falls, this city will bring you another feeling.


Sri Lanka


Galle is not only a small town of petty bourgeoisie, but also an ancient city with various amorous feelings.

The old city of Chahar and its castle are built on the Rock peninsula, which is a natural port. Due to the emergence of a large number of coral reefs, the entrance of the port becomes extremely complicated.

Local architects have changed the original European architectural models, making these buildings well adapted to Sri Lanka’s geographical, climate, historical and cultural conditions.

In addition to the castle, Galle is a small coastal city in Southeast Asia, with sand beach and blue sea.

Galle castle is not big, so the best way to visit here is to slow down and walk leisurely.



Da nang

There is a saying like this, “Don’t go to Da Nang, she will make you deeper and deeper!”

As a port city in central Vietnam, Da Nang is also the fourth largest city in Vietnam and a famous tourist resort.

Da Nang has some famous tourist attractions, such as the beach with the same color of water and sky, the unbeatable blue sky and clear sea, the oldest ancient city of Hui’an in Vietnam and the Golden Bridge of Buddhist hand which is unique in the world. Because of this, only then was it rated as one of the 50 places that life must go by the American Journal of Geography.




Suketai is the capital of the first Kingdom of Siam in the 13th and 14th centuries, where stands many remarkable commemorative buildings, which reflect the artistic style in the early stage of Thai architecture.

Here you can empty yourself, purify your heart, really calm down and forget everything.

Even though now the Glory is no longer there, walking in the ancient relics and recalling the past glory here, I still can’t help sighing with emotion.

Flowers are thick, grass is full
Warm sunshine
The beautiful scenery all over the world is waving to you
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