The only country in the world that prohibits divorce, her beauty shocked the whole world!

Some people are crying for others’ love.
Some people are curious about where others get married, such as the editor of a travel editor.

Choosing to hold a wedding in Ireland can be said to be much sweeter than any fickle love, because Ireland is a country that prohibits divorce.

In the Constitution of the Republic of Ireland at the beginning of its establishment in 1937, it was clearly stipulated that “no law can allow the dissolution of marriage”, which is what we call the prohibition of divorce.

Although this law was abolished in 1996, it was aimed at the couple’s choice to hold a ceremony only once in their lifetime in this romantic place, which was so moved that the editor cried.

Nine years is like the first love, such immortal love can not be envied, but the heart-stirring Ireland is really worth seeing.

The Irish landscape is picturesque, and the warm current moistens the Gulf of sub-temperate zone, with rugged and steep cliffs stretching on the coastline of 5600 kilometers.

In Ireland, castles left over from the Middle Ages can be seen everywhere. Wandering in it, time is in a trance, as if you were in the paintings of the Middle Ages.

There are always some cities that feel romantic bubble when they just hear the names, among which Ireland is indispensable.


This is an antique and poetic pastoral city.

There are a large number of universities, Academy of Sciences and art galleries here, and buildings with a history of over 100 years can be seen everywhere.

The 10 bridges across the rifeiyi River connect the north and south sides, which is a veritable cultural capital.

○ When you come to Dublin, you must go to “Trinity College 』

Trinity University is the oldest university in Ireland and the first university in Ireland. It was founded by Elizabeth I in 1592.

Among them, The old library of Trinity University has a long-standing reputation with a large number of precious works, among which The “Celtic classics” (The Book of Kells) completed by monks in The 9th century is extremely precious.

○ When you come to Dublin, you must go to “Phoenix Park 』

Phoenix Park is located on the Hebei shore of lefey in the northwest of the city center of Dublin. It was built in 1663 and covers an area of 1760 acres. It is the largest indoor park and royal deer garden in Europe.

Near the city center, there is a 15-acre green grass and Flat River, naturally raising hundreds of deer. You can have close contact with these lovely little guys.

○ When you come to Dublin, you must go to “Dublin Castle 』

In Ireland, there is such a gentleman who relies on the riffy River in Dublin and looks at every inch of the land in Dublin. He watches his faith and protects the land.

He prayed for everyone in this land and gave them a piece of sincere expectation. This gentleman was Dublin Castle.

○When you come to Dublin, you must go to St. Patrick’s Cathedral 』

St. Patrick’s Cathedral, located on the west side of the south bank of the lefida River in Dublin, was established in the oldest place of origin of Christianity.

The bell tower on the west side of the church was completed in 1370 when it was built, and it still has the largest bell in Ireland.

It looks tall, majestic and solemn from the outside. There are many statues of celebrities inside, which are beautifully decorated. It is also a good choice to stroll in the garden behind the church.


The winding cobblestone streets and the rebuilt ancient buildings are the unique scenery of kierkeni.

○ When you come to kierkeni, you must go to “kierkeni Castle 』

Kierkeni Castle was built on a curve of the Noel River. This architecture in the Norman era experienced several centuries of ups and downs.

It seems that you can penetrate the thick wall and remember love forever in this beautiful legend which is more and more mysterious and ancient because of the passage of time when you read the oath of life with your beloved.

○ When you come to kierkeni, you must go to “Saint Canis Cathedral 』

Santa Carnese Cathedral is located in the city of kierkeni, kierkeni County, Ireland. There are many tombstones originated from around the 16th century around the church, and some historical celebrities are buried.

It is the local Anglican church in Ireland, which has always been the place where Christians worship and pray.


Golve is a small port city full of artistic atmosphere. There are colorful pubs, pleasant music, peculiar cobblestone footpaths and students who account for 1/4 of the city’s population.

○ When you come to Golve, you must go to the “Allen Islands 』

Alen islands, located on the west coast of Ireland, consists of three desolate and primitive limestone islands, with a total area of 47 square kilometers.

There are only hundreds of residents in the Alen islands, and every place of residence is scattered by the sea. It is hard to avoid feeling desolate on the island, but the occasional scene is still full of the smell of fireworks.

○ When you come to Golve, you must go to “Mohe Cliff 』

Moher cliff is the cliff with the largest fall in Europe, with the highest point 214 meters higher than the Atlantic sea level, and the Cliff stretches 8 kilometers along the coast of western Ireland.

The area around Moch cliff is the most important seabird habitat in Ireland, where there are more than 30000 seabird breeding offspring every year, and there are many rare plants growing on the cliff.


Kirani is a small town located in Carey County in southwest Ireland, about 85 kilometers away from Cork. It is also the cleanest city and the cleanest urban area in Ireland.

○ When you come to Kirani, you must go to “Kirani National Park 』

When it comes to the park, people may think of small animals except the green jungle, clear lakes and quiet paths, but the Kirani National Park is completely different from what we imagined.

In addition to those “standard accessories”, there are castles, manors, farms, primeval forests and the only local animal Red Deer in Ireland in the park.

○ When you come to Kirani, you must go to “skilige Michael Island 』

Scullig Michael Abbey is located on an isolated Sea island of only 0.18 square kilometers 12 nautical miles away from southwest Ireland.


Cork is a historic city with great historical and archaeological value. Its style and features of “medieval city” are well preserved, so many places in today’s Cork are historical witnesses.

○ To Cork, you must go to Cork City prison 』

From the opening of the prison in 1824 to the closing of the prison in 1923, this prison held almost all the prisoners who did not obey the law in Cork city in the 19th century in 100.

In 1993, this ancient prison was purchased by a private company and gradually developed into a tourist attraction of Cork ancient city, which is now called “Cork City prison culture center”.

○ When you come to Cork, you must go to “Brani Castle 』

Built in 1446, Brani Castle is one of the oldest castles in Ireland and one of the strongest fortresses, attracting tourists from all over the world to visit.

Overlooking from The Castle of Brani, there are dense forests nearby and endless green in the distance. The small town is dotted with it and the scenery is pleasant.

In addition to the ingenious stone, other scenic spots in the castle, such as small forest, Wishing Steps, witch kitchen and so on, are also worth visiting.

Whether enjoying the magnificent coastal cliffs along the wild Atlantic Road or strolling leisurely in the small and delicate cities and villages, watching the elegant old lady decorating the windowsill with flowers, the old man in a suit walked into the bar with cheerful traditional music……

The unique natural scenery and culture of Ireland will definitely make you fall in love with this country of “gentle elegance” and “literature and art.