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Trendy short almond nails to light up your spring and summer

For the girls who have a new manicure every month, before each manicure, manicurists will help us trim a, square, round, pointed shape and so on. Different style can make different effect. So, today I’m going to show you a very feminine nail, short almond nail.

Short almond fingernail, as the name implies is to manicure the nail into the shape of almond, then from both sides to the center of the polish out of the point. Finally, it appear to be whole and make your fingers mare slender matchless.

An almond nail that decorates the shape of the hand

It’s really important to find a perfect nail that not only hides your nails’ flaws, but also makes them look better. Celebrities like Fergie and LadyGaga love to experiment with pointy. It will definitely make the nails more slender and beautiful, you can’t miss the love of beauty ~

Edgy short almond nails

Edgy short almond-shaped nails are perfect with crystal nails or artsy manicures. No matter what style, meets crystal, can let a person shine instantly at the moment ~ It also won’t appear exaggerated in spring. So we’ve put together some beautiful short almond nails for you to look at and appreciate.

Cute cartoon short almond nails

Lovely cartoon design manicure will instantly capture your heart ~ At the same time, the cute short almond nails is very suitable for spring and summer, and you don’t have to worry about what to wear with it.

Colorful short almond nails can not miss if you like cloud

Cloud, the manicure of marble style is the craft that tests manicure teacher very much! Grasp the depth of the color, the area and scope of the faint, to make a perfect effect. Come and pick up your favorite almond manicure style.

Juice short almond nails in spring

Juice department is a kind of see feel sweet style, line is simple and fluent. Attractive color is permeated in concise beauty, it could suit every schoolgirl! A vague abstraction with curved lines and dots. The whole picture appears to be very harmonious, and it is very dreamy lovely collocation.

Elegant short almond nails

Use a simple nude color as the base color, with gold foil, color sequins and other elements, it can become a very gorgeous manicure!

Low-key and gorgeous style let a person fondle admiringly, even working girl also can easily control. Collocation is contracted the spring day sweater that has design feeling again. It completely makes elegant and easy individual style. Even small details can reveal your unique taste.

Tips to have a beautiful short almond nails

There are tips for trimming almond nails you need to know to get your nails shaped best.

1.Carefully polish both sides of the nail to create a symmetrical.

2.Polish the cone from the sides to the center until you get the desired result.

3.Choose the desired pattern and color for decoration.

You can have the most fashionable almond nails in 2020.No matter which one of the above you see.

All pictures sourceļ¼šInstagram @nailsrnd